Industry Expertise


Construction/Real Estate Development

Understanding financial reporting and tax planning is crucial for the success of companies in real estate development and constructions.  Our firm's extensive background in addressing the complexities of this industry spans multiple decades.   

Private Equity/Venture Capital

Whether it is defining the proper tax structure of the acquisition or disposition of your investment, or understanding the financial reporting in enough detail to ensure the proper allocation of revenue and expenses to maximize EBITDA, Elliott Advisory Group's strong grasp of the needs of the traditional investor and portfolio company management is unmatched.  


In addition to timely financial reporting, our focus in innovative and creative solutions to improve after tax cash flow is of the upmost importance to our firm.  In addition, we understand maximizing your company's financial stability with timely internal reporting and performance analysis is crucial to long term generational success.  


With healthcare being one of the most complex industries, having the ability to assess the totality  of the financial, tax, owner profit sharing, and operational concerns of medical professionals is imperative.  Elliott Advisory Group brings a strong depth of expertise that consolidates these fundamental elements of the medical healthcare industry.

Professional Services

Licensed professionals are focused on technical nuisances of their respective industries.  Whether you are an attorney, engineer, architect or other service provider, your focus on client and relationship management is of upmost importance.  We take the same position at Elliott Advisory Group.  We understand the needs of our clients and the importance of providing timely financial decisions.   

High Net Worth Individuals

High net worth individuals deal with complexities every day.  Having a financial consultant that understands  tax intricacies, the psychological aspects of personal goals, as well as generational wealth transfer is crucial.